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AREAS OF STUDY: Graphic Design

Area & Facilities

The Department of Art at Baylor offers an emphasis in graphic design within the studio art major. An exceptionally high percentage of Baylor graphic design students find work in the field. The studio art major offers students the opportunity to develop their hand skills and aesthetic thinking skills, including drawing. Graphic design students are required to take one marketing course and are encouraged to take additional marketing hours above those required for graduation. These factors have proven positive in students finding employment in the industry.

In addition to graphic design classes, an optional internship is available for those students wishing to take advantage of the opportunity. Graduates have gone on to work in design studios and major advertising agencies and some have also started design studios and advertising agencies of their own.

The graphic design area has a newly-remodeled twelve-station Macintosh lab which keeps the student/teacher ratio low. Remote Desktop allows the instructors to observe all the students as they work and to take control of their stations to help with problems. The system also allows instructors to give demonstrations which show up on student's individual monitors. A color laser printer and color ink jet printer offer students quick printing for normal projects and higher quality images for their final portfolios. Wireless printing allows students to print from their laptop computers. In addition, there is a new eleven-station Macintosh lab for the photography area which mirrors the graphic design lab, allowing students to work on their own whenever there is class meeting in the graphics lab and vice versa. The graphic design facilities also include a traditional classroom with drawing tables.


Student Work

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