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Area & Facilities

Baylor University's undergraduate ceramics program provides students with a comprehensive immersion into the rich and highly diversified field of studio ceramics. Blending the study of global historical traditions with the development and implementation of contemporary issues and techniques, the ceramics curriculum engages students in the pursuit of technical mastery and a foundational understanding of the medium's expressive potential. An outstanding facility, small class size, professionally active faculty, visiting artists, and class field trips support the curriculum's objective of providing students with a multi-dimensional educational experience.

Studio Configuration
1,500 sq. ft. classroom
225 sq. ft. drying room
332 sq. ft. electric kiln room
305 sq. ft. glaze room
225 sq. ft. materials storage room

14 electric wheels (Brent, Shimpo, Soldner)
5 Lockerbie kick wheels
Soldner Professional Clay Mixer
Bluebird Pugmill
Brent 20 inch slab roller
7 electric kilns (Skutt, Paragon)
Brent Extruder
6 cu. ft. sawdust/pit kiln
Gas-fired sagger kiln
Gas-fired raku kiln
40 cu. ft. gas-fired Bailey car kiln
22 cu. ft. gas-fired Bailey reduction kiln
6 cu. ft. Alpine reduction kiln
20 cu. ft. catenary arch gas-fired salt kiln
20 cu. ft. wood-fired train kiln


Student Work - Previous

Student Work - New

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Ceramic Guest Artists, Field Trips, Students

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