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Art History Graduates

Art history majors are prepared for exciting and rewarding careers ranging from scholarship to graduate school to historic house museums to art museum curatorial work to art conservation.

Emily Rodgers '08 is currently enrolled in the Student Affairs Administration graduate program at Baylor. She also holds an assistantship with the Global Community Living Learning Center at Brooks Flats.

Allen Lea '07 was accepted to the Christie's London Education Program where he will complete a Master's Degree in art history in a setting with exceptional opportunities for research and experience in the world of art commerce.

Sarah Wilson '06 is a full-time student in the art history graduate program of Texas Christian University. This new program offers art history study in collaboration with the art museums of Fort Worth.

Cannon Lewis '06 successful jewelry design business, including a marketing website and designs in high-end stores including Barney's.

Coleen Barry '05 interned at the Phoenix Art Museum and has learned the career of art preparatory at Artemis Fine Art Services, Dallas; she plans to enter graduate school in art history.

Courtney Gearhart Case '03 worked as Assistant Registrar at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, moved to the same position at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and now is Assistant Registrar at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, one of the world's great museums of modern art.

Studio Art Graduates