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Major Santos Arroyo - Baylor Army ROTC Director

Welcome to Baylor and the Army�s Reserves Officer Training Course (ROTC) established at Baylor University on October 31st, 2008 and fully operational by January 13th, the spring 2009 semester. Our first semester was devoted to building a strong foundation for the Battalion so that we could enter the fall 2009 semester ready to provide dynamic and interactive training that focuses on complete leadership development. We quickly had 12 motivated and dedicated Baylor students standing at our door eager to be our first cadets. They have helped immensely in shaping the Bear Battalion. Their input, excitement and commitment will leave an indelible mark on the program and serve as the standard for the thousands of cadets who will follow them to become great Army leaders. The Bear Battalion is expanding rapidly. We are expecting to start the fall 2009 semester with at least 40 cadets and should easily reach 100 by the 2010-11 school year. The Baylor University support we have received has been absolutely unbelievable! From office space to training space to administration assistance and friendly and cheerful advice on best practices at Baylor, everyone we have encountered has bent over backwards to set us up for long- term success.

Baylor Army ROTC is open to current students (undergrad and graduate) and incoming freshmen. We are expecting to commission our first Baylor Bear Army ROTC Lieutenants in December 2010. We have two, three, four, and in some cases, five year full-tuition scholarships for qualified applicants. If you�re the type who wants to run your life and not let life run you, if you seek challenges, adventures, leadership development, job security with benefits unmatched by high dollar corporations and seek the satisfaction of serving your country as a leader of leaders, then START STRONG, BAYLOR BEAR STRONG! Join the Baylor Army ROTC program and you will be well on your way to success.

Speight Plaza | 1521 S. 4th St, 1st Floor | Waco, TX 76706 | Office: (254) 710-3136