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All course offerings are available subject to enrollment. If a class does not have enough students registered to make, Dr. Dracos or Supplee will work with students to find them other appropriate courses. SPA 1401 through SPA 2320 are always available first session.

Courses Offered 2014

Courses to be taught: *** If sufficient enrollment

SPA 1401                                ELEMENTARY SPANISH

SPA 1402                                ELEMENTARY SPANISH

SPA 2310                                INTERMEDIATE SPANISH

SPA 2320                                INTERMEDIATE SPANISH


SPA 3305                                INTRODUCTION TO HISPANIC LITERATURE

SPA 3311                                SPANISH AMERICAN CIVILIZATION

SPA 4303                                SPANISH PHONOLOGY AND MORP.

SPA 4304                                SPANISH SYNTAX, SEMIOTICS

SPA 4330                                ADVANCED CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION

SPA 4390                                INDEPENDENT STUDY

HHP 1130                               SOCIAL DANCE

LAS 3390                                READING AND RESEARCH

LAS 4390                                INDEPENDENT STUDY

HIS 3355                               MODERN LATIN AMERICA

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