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Academic Publications





Sadek, Sanaa. Arab Women caught between Politics and Religion. Volume one: Nawal Al- Saadawi. Cairo, Egypt: Kitabat (SAE) Press. November 2011. (Peer- reviewed) double blind.


Sadek, Sanaa with Samir Shehatta et al. 6th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium. Ministry of Culture Press, 2001


Books in Progress:


Sadek, Sanaa. Arab Women caught between Politics and religion. Volume 2. Fatima Mernissi

Sadek, Sanaa. Minority Women Playwrights in America


Book chapters (peer- reviewed):


Sadek, Sanaa. “A Non- Media Look at the Middle East: Enhancing Global Security through Exposure and Understanding”. Global Community- Global Security. Amsterdam- New York, NY 2008


Journal Articles (peer- reviewed):


Sadek, Sanaa. “Egyptian Women: The Internal Other”, Middle East Research Center Annals, Ain Shams University, Cairo- Egypt, vol. 2, September 2012


Sadek, Sanaa. “Egyptian Women’s Feminism” Alfalaq electronic journal, available at, September 2010


Sadek, Sanaa, Assistant professor. “The Arab Women’s Solidarity Association” Alfalaq electronic journal, available at, second year, vol. 16, 2010


Sadek, Sanaa, Assistant Professor. “Weam Namou; The Feminine Art” Al- Arabiyya journal of the American Association of the Teachers of Arabic. Volume 38-39, 2005- 2006


Over 400 Articles on Egyptian Culture, Opera, Theater, Playwrights, and Plays

Critic and Managing Editor of Al-Masrah Magazine (Cairo, Egypt), 1993 – 2001

Executive Editor of Information Center, General Egyptian Book Org., (Cairo, Egypt), 1990 – 1993


Papers presented:


“Egyptian Women: The Internal Other” Women, Gender, and Violence in the Middle East,

Yale University, May 2012


“Arab Women Caught between Politics and Religion”, Oxford Round Table, Oxford, April 2011


“Arab Women’s Solidarity”; Asia- Middle East conference, Round Table- Asia- Middle East, US Naval Academy, October 2009


“The Coptic Minority in Egypt, between the Islamic state and the West”; Religion and the State in Islam and the West, Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, April 2009


“Arab Women Writers and Islamic forces”; Center for the Middle East and Islamic Studies, US Naval Academy, November 2008


“Nawal Al- Saa’dawi, and Fatima Mernisi and their role in fighting for the rights of Arab women”, Oxford Round Table, Oxford, April 2008


“Testing: Problems and Expectations, and how this affects the relationship between students and teachers”, Language Education and Resources Network (LEARN), Arabic Workshop, August 7- 9, 2007. DOD Center Conference Facility, Fort Ord, Monterey, California


 “Effect of Globalization on Teaching Arabic L&L in USA”, Oxford Round Table, Oxford, March 2007


“Popular Theater in Egypt”, Princeton University, May 2002


“Naguib Mahfouz and Egyptian Theater”, Bennington College, VT, April 2000


“Women in the History of Egyptian Theater”, Princeton University, March 2000


“Minority Women Playwrights in America”, CUNY - John Jay College, New York, February 2000


“Struggles of Minority Women Playwrights in America”, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, January 2000


“Susan Lori-Parks: Her Life History as a Playwright”, CUNY - John Jay College, New York, December 1999    


 “Ghandi’s Position on Women”, Maulana Abu Kalam Azad Indian Cultural Center, Cairo- Egypt, February 1999


“Indians in South Africa”, Maulana Abu Kalam Azad Indian Cultural Center, Cairo-Egypt, March 1998


“Civil Disobedience and its Role in the Independence of India”, Maulana Abu Kalam Azad Indian Cultural Center, Cairo-Egypt, February 1999



“Twentieth Century Egypt, from Colonialism to Socialism: Naguib Mahfouz and Yusiff Edriss”, Bard College, fall 2003


“The Relationship between the Copts and the Muslims in Egypt”, Bard College, fall 2004