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About the Lab

We are an academic research laboratory interested broadly in aquatic ecosystems, whether they be marine or freshwater, flowing or still. Our primary focus is understanding environmental factors that influence the structure and functioning of aquatic communities--that is, interacting assemblages of species. We are interested in fundamental questions in ecology but apply our basic understanding of aquatic communities to evaluate and predict how human alterations may affect ecosystems. We have particular expertise in (1) modeling responses of organisms to novel environmental gradients (e.g., urbanization, nutrient overenrichment) in freshwater and estuarine ecosystems, (2) using landscape theory and geospatial tools to link watershed patterns to aquatic ecosystem processes across broad spatial scales, and (3) coupling experiments with field studies to identify causal linkages between stressors and biological responses.

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Our lab is a dynamic group and we interact with faculty in several other labs and departments at Baylor. We also collaborate heavily with scientists from other institutions, ranging from state agencies, federal research labs, and other universities. We are always interested in developing collaborative relationships with researchers from other institutions and actively seek funding to participate on multi-disciplinary integrative projects with the goal of generating scientific evidence for sound management of aquatic ecosystems.

Please peruse our lab website and contact us if you have questions or comments. We welcome your feedback!

The Aquatic Ecology Lab group.