Before you use any supplements you should ask yourself is it S.A.F.E.?

S = Supposed benefits. How will it aid in your training and performance?
A = Acceptable. Is it legal? Is it banned by the NCAA?
F = Funding. Who is paying for it? Is it worth the money?
E = Effective. Is there scientific research and evidence to support the supposed benefits?

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What supplements am I NOT allowed to use?

  • NCAA has provided information in references that are banned from use by student athletes.
  • This includes substances that you may purchase and use without realizing the consequences or could be banned to use and possess.
  • There are banned supplement formulations available for purchase that appear to be harmless but could cause a positive test. NCAA provides a complete list that you can

    access via their website:

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How do I know supplements live up to their hype?

The International Society of Sports Nutrition provides this information concerning the effectiveness of many popular supplements that you may want to use for muscle development, weight loss or performance enhancement.

  1. Muscle Building Supplements
  2. Weight Loss Supplements
  3. Performance Enhancing Supplements

BOTTOM LINE: Please discuss your interest, questions and concerns with a member of the Athletic Performance Staff , Athletic Performance Nutrition and Sports Medicine Staff. Gather your information from individuals you can trust that are educated , informed and have made a genuine commitment to your best interests.