What Can I Do with This Degree?

Anthropology students chose an undergraduate focus in one of the five subfields of the discipline:

  • Applied Anthropology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Archaeology
which determines the jobs for which they are qualified. An Anthropology degree prepares students for a career in many fields such as:
  • Teaching
    • Primary and Secondary (BA/BS)
    • Community College (MA)
    • University (MA/PhD)
  • Research (MA/PhD)
  • Administration (All levels)
  • Student Services (BA/MA)
  • Higher Administration (PhD)
  • Support Staff (BA/BS)
  • Policy Analyst (MA/PhD)
  • Administration (MA/Phd)
  • Cultural Resource Management (Archaeology BA)
  • National Park service (All levels)
Non-Profit Sector (esp Public Health)
  • Social Workers/Advocates (BA/BS)
  • Program Development and Management (MA/PhD)
  • Policy Analysis and Research (All levels)
  • Administration (MA/PhD)
  • Sales and Marketing (BA/BS)
  • Research and Development (MA/PhD)
  • Public Relations (All levels)
  • Human Resourcse (All levels)
  • Advertising (MA/PhD)
  • Administration Management (PhD)
Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Anthropology (PhD)
  • Forensic Laboratory Work (BS/MA/PhD)
  • Crime Scene Investigation (BS/MA/PhD)
  • Criminal Profiling (PhD)
Museums and Archives
  • Curatorship (All levels)
  • Research (MA/PhD)
  • Public Staff (BA/BS)
  • Development (BA/BS)
  • Public Archaeology (All levels)

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