Archaeology Field School (2006-2011)

Professor: Mrs. Carol F. Macaulay-Jameson

The Baylor Archaeological Field School, under the direction of Carol Macaulay-Jameson, provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of archaeological research methods, focusing primarily on excavation techniques, laboratory procedures and artifact analysis. Students learn how to lay out an excavation grid, establish a site datum, operate an automatic level and a total data station, complete paperwork in a professional manner, including scaled drawings and soil descriptions, and maintain a field journal. Laboratory procedures include washing, sorting, cataloguing and analyzing all classes of artifacts, followed by data entry into a Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) database for spatial analysis.

During the final week, the field school participates in the Texas Archeological Society's (TAS) annual field school in the Texas Hill Country near the town of Hondo. Students be exposed to the diversity of Texas archaeology, but they will also make new friends and establish contacts for the future. The final week of the field school will take place in the archaeological laboratory at Baylor, where students will complete their research projects. Students conduct individual or small group projects and present their research at the annual meetings of the TAS each fall.