Jobs & Careers

As the field of Anthropology includes a number of sub-disciplines, the career opportunities in this field are wide-ranging. There are careers in science, business, social science, accounting, journalism, education, law, urban planning, computer, and health. In addition to academic jobs in the subfields of anthropology, our students have pursued careers in law, urban planning, international development, cultural resource management, public health, education in multi-cultural settings, and the human dimensions of resource management.

Careers in forensic science are varied. Forensic laboratories employ both chemists and biologists in areas such as DNA analysis, drug analysis, arson and explosive testing. Other laboratory personnel are involved in ballistics, trace evidence, and fingerprint analysis. Medical examiner offices hire death investigators, toxicologists, pathology assistants, and other laboratory staff. The military use forensic anthropologists in their human identification lab. Police departments and other investigative services use forensic scientists in their crime scene missions.