General Anthropology

Our departmental faculty include cultural, physical and applied anthropologists working on a number of stimulating research projects. These include:
  • Globalization and the future of Mayan dances
  • Migration patterns in the Americas based on mitochondrial DNA
  • Reuniting Mexican families using forensic science techniques
  • Impacts of ecotourism on livelihood security in Belize and Costa Rica
  • Conservation and habitation issues around wilderness management in Kentucky
  • Household coping strategies to climate-related shocks
  • Constraints to local participation in development interventions.

The Anthropology program provides students the opportunity to learn about various research techniques and requires they conduct independent or group research projects, either through field school opportunities or through various lab-oriented projects. Recent field schools include trips to Appalachia (2004), Belize (2006) and Guatemala (2007).

Students interested in Anthropology can pursue either the Bachelors of Arts degree or the new Bachelor of Science degree. Both degrees provide an introduction to the subfields in anthropology and offer courses that represent these fields as well as the application of important anthropological information to contemporary issues.