Alumni By Choice

Think of it as a second chance.

It could be a friend, a business associate, even a beloved sibling or spouse. They are special to you. But they didn't go to Baylor.

They love the green and gold. They cheer the Bears to victory. They even accompany you on trips to Waco for Homecoming. They believe in the university and what she stands for. Even so, at times, they still feel like outsiders looking in, with no official ties to Baylor.

You can change all that.

To nominate your Bear-to-be, simply click on this link: Nomination Form. The Baylor Alumni Network will designate these devoted Baylor fans as alumni "by choice," honor them at a luncheon, and present them with official "Alumni by Choice" diplomas.

The program was begun in 1986 and awards are given at an annual ceremony.

Our next event will be February 28, 2015. Deadline for nominations will be January 1, 2015.