Parents Network

Parents Network

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About Us

The Baylor Parents Network gives you the opportunity to better connect with Baylor and with other Baylor parents. Whether you’re sending your first child off to college or you have one who's ready to don the cap and gown--we offer a vital link to your student’s college experience.

Our Mission

The mission of the Baylor Parents Network is to support, inform and engage parents in the life of Baylor University; to promote meaningful parent involvement that will encourage student success and development; and to provide opportunities for families to connect with one another in their local region in order to foster a sense of community and belonging to the larger Baylor family.

Information--Just for Parents

As a parent of one or more Baylor students, you are automatically a member of the Baylor Parents Network--no membership fees or dues are required. Through Parents Network, you gain access to publications, e-mails, online information and social networks designed just for parents.

And when you have unanswered questions, we welcome your call on the toll-free Parents Helpline (1-888-287-5557) or via e-mail at's just for you.

The purpose of the Baylor Parents Network is to provide a link between parents and the university. We want to keep the lines of communication open and give you the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have as the parent of a Baylor student.