1st Call Requests And Praises

1st Call Prayer Requests & Praises

Our daughter is beginning her first year in the nursing school and we are so thankful for the opportunity God has given her through this amazing Baylor community. We lift up her and all the Baylor students, faculty and administration as we begin another school year. We pray that they may stay close to our Lord and seek him in all things and that He would guide them according to His Will. In Jesus name we pray, Amen! 8/31/15

Please pray for all the Freshman this year that they will make a good transition to college life. Pray that they will seek God in all their endeavors and be transformed while at Baylor. Please pray for my son, a Freshman, that he will set his heart on pleasing God through his studies and his service to others. Also pray for health, safety, and most of all God's grace and peace to all of Baylor Family. 8/31/15

Pray for our son as he begins his freshman year at Baylor. This will be his first time to live in America after growing up on the mission field. He is also the first to leave the nest. The rest of the family is in Thailand where we serve as missionaries. Thank you so much for holding our family in prayer during this time of transition. 8/28/15

Our daughter was accepted to medical school! God is so good! He is faithful! Thank you God!!! To Him be the glory! And thank you for all your faithfulness and willingness to walk alongside and pray for her! 5/10/15

That my daughter will have successful final exams in her nursing classes. 5/1/15

Please pray for my son. He is a freshman and is in turmoil wanting to change everything. He wants to change his major and transfer schools. He is very homesick and lonely. He doesn't feel he belongs at Baylor. He says it is "church camp 24/7". He doesn't feel connected. I really want him to pray for God's will in this. 4/29/15

First of all thanks to all involved with this amazing Parent Network connection. My daughter is experiencing a differcult challenge with her Biology class. Please lift her up in prayer to complete this class with a passing grade. Please lift all Baylor students up in prayers during this semester's final exams. I ask these prayers in Jesus name Amen. 4/19/15

Thank you for praying for our students! My son is having a challenging time in his Anatomy 2 class. Please pray for wisdom and favor as he studies. He's also looking for a new roommate for his time in Dallas at the Nursing School next fall. I'm praying that he finds a great fit! 4/2/15

Thanks to our Baylor family for your prayers regarding my daughter. The results of her follow-up MRI came back with significant changes and healing in the spine area. The last tests they were running came back clear. The neurologist has released her. PTL for God's healing and answer to prayer. 3/30/15

Our daughter has an oral presentation on Thursday, March 26, in her English Amer. Lit. class. She is nervous about speaking in front of a group as well as the assignment itself. She likes her prof., but says he is known for grading hard. Pray for calm confidence in her work as she prepares & presents. Thanks so much for your prayers. 3/24/15

Please pray for my daughter. She had a follow-up MRI last Friday concerning some medical issues she had in the Fall. MS was ruled out in October which was an answer to prayer. We see her neurologist this Friday, March 27th at 3 pm for results. We pray that all is clear and results are negative for any other issues. We are hopeful that God will allow full closure regarding this matter. 3/23/15

Prayers that our son will stay at Baylor and not transfer. He had a rough start and I believe he has not immersed himself in campus activities so is feeling isolated. We truly believe Baylor is the best place for him to be but he seems determined to transfer to be with his friends. Prayers for discernment for God's will in this. 2/27/15

My son and 9 other students are going south of the border to Acuna Mexico for a Habitat for Humanity project. They are driving down during spring break 3/8/15. They were able to raise the funds needed. God is good. Please pray for protection, peace, strength and lives changed for God's kingdom as a result of this service. All for God's glory. Thank you for praying. 2/26/15

First off, I thank God for bringing me to this webpage and helping me to find corporate prayer for my son. Please pray for my son, who is a junior, to find his purpose and passion for his future. He has made some poor choices and is suffering the consequences for those. Please pray that he passes accounting this semester with a C or better. I also ask that he would make some friends at Baylor and get involved in something worth while. Thank you. 2/24/15

Lord, Thank You for bringing our daughter to Baylor and helping her to find her place there. She seems happy there and is making good Christian friends and doing well in classes. Please continue to keep her happy and calm and help her to excel. Also Lord, please watch over and help a friend of our daughter's who is having difficulty. Finally Lord our family will be making a large transition over the next few months, please watch over us and guide us all. In Jesus Name. Amen. 02/24/15

Please pray for protection over my son and his friends at Baylor. And for him to find Christian roommates AND a house/apartment for the next school year. Thank you for praying. 2/17/15

Thank-you Lord for you many blessings. Please be with our daughter, surround her with your friends, guide her with her studies, protect and strengthen her. Please protect and guide Baylor, her instructors, students, and leader. In Jesus name we pray. Amen 02/05/15

Lord thank you for the perfect plan you have made for each of our lives and I praise you for your light that guides our way. I ask that you keep our grandchildren in that path and nudge them gently back when they stray. Remind them daily of your availability and allow them to feel the warmth of your love. Guide them in their studies and grant them wisdom in their relationships. In Jesus name, Amen. 02/04/15

Please lift up my son in prayer this semester. Specifically, for contentment, focus in his classes and for Christ-centered friendships. 1/30/15

Prayers for faculty, staff, and students as the new semester begins. 1/8/15

I pray that my daughter find wonderful roommates for next year. I pray that she loves her internship. I pray for safe travels as the students return to school. 1/7/15

My prayer request is for my son and the upcoming semester. I pray that he will connect with a group of friends and that he will feel more 'plugged into' the Baylor community. He is going through rush and I pray that God will make clear His desire for my son in that situation. 1/5/15

Praise that our son found a job while on academic suspension and we found the money to pay for his tuition. Pray that he would make a wise decision as to whether or not to return to school in January and for Godly advice up there at Baylor. Pray for us as we do not still know what his decision will be and we are a little in the dark about what is going on. 12/27/14

My daughter has struggled this semester with depression and stress and her grades have suffered. She is supposed to graduate in May but will have to take a heavier load in order to do so. Please pray that we are able to find help for her and that she will realize her self-worth and gain the confidence to complete her final year at Baylor. 12/17/14

I pray that our Baylor Bears continue to confidently follow the path our Lord has set out for them, and that they remain strong in faith and courageous in heart as they complete the fall semester and prepare for finals.12/2/14

Lord, I praise you for your faithfulness and I thank you for answered prayer. I ask that you would continue to send interesting ways to encourage our two grandchildren at Baylor and that they would have your wisdom and guidance in their study habits and decision making. I ask that they would end this semester with victory in their final grades and in close connection with you. Amen. 12/2/14

Please pray that my son would value and seek out godly companions. Please pray that he would desire to please and honor God in everything.12/1/14

Our son has had a difficult first semester at Baylor socially. He has not made connections/friendships as he had hoped. He is discouraged and during the Thanksgiving Break shared this news with us and also that he is considering transferring next year. My request is that God would put people in his life that he could develop deep friendships with. Also, for reassurance that Baylor is the right school for him. As alumni, my husband and I are heartbroken to hear this news and would appreciate prayers for our words as we discuss this situation with him.12/1/14

Prayers for the families of the young man and the young woman who recently passed away. Prayers for the students who knew these children of God. May God heal and bless and bring comfort during these difficult times and through the holidays. 11/25/14

Prayers that my son finds a roommate(s)to share an apartment with next year. 11/25/14

God give our children at Baylor the courage and wisdom to do well on finals coming up in December. Bless them and provide them the ability to do their very best! 11/24/14

Dear Lord, I return to give You thanks for always having control over everything in my life and in the lives of others. Right now, Lord, I humbly ask that You would hold two Baylor siblings - a freshman & senior very closely to You. This is probably the worst week in their lives, having to suddenly say goodbye to their mother, who went to sleep on Saturday, was unresponsive the next morning, and died on Monday. Please Father, help them in every way, and send the people You desire to bless and assist them in the hours, days, weeks and months ahead. Your love and comfort surpasses all others, for You are the perfect Father to us all. Also, Lord, I ask for the Holy Spirit to inspire Your words to their immediate friends; so they may give comfort and understanding reflective of our Savior, reminding these grieving siblings of Your presence, Your control, Your power & Your infinite love. I pray these things in Your Holy Name. 11/19/14

Our daughter has wanted to be a doctor since she was young but did not do as well as she hoped on the MCAT and has had difficulty with getting the grades needed to be admitted into medical school. Please pray that God will help her find a way to realize her dream of becoming a doctor and for guidance during this stressful period of her life. 11/18/14

Our daughter has submitted her application for medical school and is still waiting to be called for an interview. Please pray that she would find favor with the selection committee and that they would invite her for an interview. And that ultimately she would be accepted to medical school. 11/8/14

Please pray for our freshman son who is having roommate issues. Please help him to deal with the mistrust he is now experiencing. It is so hard when the trust has been broken. Please also help him know how to handle and deal with this in a practical way. It is just such an awkward situation when the trust is gone. Dear Lord, God, you are an ever present help, and so we trust You to help us to deal with this. 11/7/14

Please pray for my son, he is struggling being away from home, feeling lost, not knowing who his friends are, feeling out of place in his apartment and everything is affecting his grades. Please pray that God will show him the path where he needs to go. 11/6/14

Dear Lord, thank you for the love and protection that you bring to your children and thank you for your provision of safety and care for my grandchildren at Baylor. May their studies be clear and their retention strong. I continue to pray for honest and wise decisions in their Christian walk and in their academic and social lives. Please protect their health and cause them to complete this semester in such a way that would be pleasing in your sight. Amen. 11/3/14

My daughter is a Freshman. She is taken Pre-dental classes, and the classes are hard. She is struggling a little with her grades. She has to maintain a 3.3 for her major. Please pray for strength and guidance for her as she is studying, and maybe bring someone in her life to help tutor her. 11/2/14

Thank you for this opportunity to pray for my son. He is a freshman and is struggling to find balance in his life. Please pray for him to utilize his time to study and meet all of his deadlines /requirements. Please pray for him to have the discipline to take care of school responsibilities before recreation. Please pray for him to feel encouraged and lean on the Lord at all times. Please pray for him to seek help when needed. Please pray for him to be Christ like in all situations. Pray for him to find how to study and prepare himself to be successful academically. 10/23/14

The money we needed to pay for my son's school will be there when we need it. Praise. But my son still needs a job in Waco. He needs one ASAP. This issue is causing a lot of stress. 10/14/14

UPDATE: Praise to God and thanks to our Baylor Nation family for the prayers that have been said for my 19 year old sophomore daughter. Her report on Tues, Oct 21 regarding her MRIs and spinal tap came back negative for MS, other neuro problems and cancer. It appears that the spots on her MRI are inflamation and the doctor believes she is fighting an inflamatory virus that steroids can completely heal. We are waiting on one last test that will take approximately 3 weeks for results. We are asking for continued prayers regarding this last test believing that God will allow that to come back negative and that the medicine she is on now will cure the inflamatory virus and she can be completely healed. Thank you for lifting our family up during this time. 10/23/14 UPDATE: Continued prayer for my 19 year old sophomore daughter. She had her MRI on Friday and 4 hours later we were unexpectedly called in to ER for another MRI. MRI revealed spots which they believe to be signs of MS. A spinal tap was done and we are waiting for those tests results to meet with neurologist. Please pray for her as she is under a great deal of stress, has a full course load, and is very scared. Prayers that lab results reveal nothing worse. Continued prayers for me, her mother, as I try to stay strong and support her, for travel back and forth from Dallas to Waco and just holding on to faith that God is present and in control.10/14/14 UPDATE (10/03/14): She has an MRI scheduled in Waco on Fri., Oct. 10 at 11:45 a.m. We then have a follow up visit on Thur., Oct. 16 at 2;15 p.m. for results. Continued prayer for her as she is anxious about the MRI, peace for us as we continue to patiently wait on God's timing and answers, prayer for safe travel as I drive from Dallas and prayer that God will allow her to be healed and regain feeling in her body. Thank you! 10/3/14 Please pray for my daughter who is a sophomore this year. She started having a medical issue the week school started with numbness and back/neck pain. We have been to the campus doctor, visited ER and now have an appointment with a neurologist. Prayers that it is due to a pinched or compressed nerve and that we can get some answers and she can get some relief. Prayer for me also for safe travel as I am having to make several trips from Dallas to Waco for appointments. 9/16/14

A praise for our daughter who is doing a bang up job in her first semester of nursing school..and a prayer request for a series of big exams. A prayer request for our son who was injured in a car accident and a praise he survived it. And a prayer request for another son who just lost his job and a praise that he's trying to keep his spirits high. Praise that I have a loving husband, and prayer request that we survive all the tragedies we've been hit with this year. God it good. Thanks for your prayers. I'll be with you in spirit. 10/02/14