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Parents in Prayer Requests And Praises

Please pray for a full recovery of the brother of my nephew, who is in critical condition after a severe car accident. 6/3/17

 A long-time graduate of Baylor university was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Please pray for him, his family and his medical team. 6/1/17

Please pray for our sons healing. He was severely burned over the Easter break and will not be able to complete the last two weeks of his freshman year. There is a possibility of surgery. Please pray for the physicians that are treating him and for God to ease the pain he is experiencing. 4/19/17

The Baylor Army ROTC cadets (including my daughter) are going "in the field" for 4 days starting Thursday, 4/6. two other colleges are also part of this exercise. Please pray for everyone's safety, that there would be no negative drama, and that they would be able to catch up in classes that they must miss. Please also pray for their good health. Thank you so much for praying! 4/6/17

Please pray for healing of my mind and body. I struggle with food issues that have greatly affected my health. I am trying to cope and really need prayer. 3/21/17

Please be in prayer for Chicago-area Baylor sophomore. Pray for complete healing of an injury he received during spring break and for God's wisdom and guidance for the physicians and other medical staff managing his care because WE know that GOD is the Master creator and Physician. Please pray for wisdom for my husband and I as we try to organize coordination of care and transportation. My husband is traveling for work right now. Please pray for our jobs as this is our 4th family emergency in the last 15 months and it is difficult to continue to ask for support on such short notice. Please pray for our daughter, it is difficult to determine how much all of this is impacting her yet I can only imagine what it feels like to sit on the side and overhear these phone calls. I know that God is good and that HE created the human body and is fully able to heal our son. Thank you. 3/8/17

Please pray for healing for a Baylor Alum's child who suffers from anxiety. Also pray for the family who must deal with this illness and give them strength and the wisdom to know how to help their child. 3/1/17

Please pray for our students safety, health and endurance as they study and continue their education. Please play for Baylor University leadership and professors to continue to mentor our students with the same love the Father has for all of us. 1/25/17

Please continuously pray for my studies in journalism, that they may be successful. And that I may have better relationships with people around me. Still working through some past traumas, so for total healing too. +New friends wanted. + Pray for better finances for me. Most of all husband wanted. Please pray that I may meet my husband and become bride and have family of my own. Thanks in advance. I would be really thankful for supporting me in this way. 12/31/16

Pray for a Christian brother about courage and that Jesus will set him free in every area in his life! Thank you! God bless you! 12/11/16

Pray for God to protect our kids both spiritually and physically during this stressful time of finals. Pray for the Lord to give our kids His wisdom and guidance on making both big and small decisions. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to fill them with His peace and for the Lord to give them ears to listen for His voice. Pray for our kids to seek the Lord and honor Him with everything they do. Pray for our kids to be able to eat healthy, to be able to sleep, and to be free from any physical pain or illness. Pray for the Lord to bless our kids and for them to feel His great love for them. Thank you. 12/6/16

Thank you for praying with us: Who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in praises, working wonders. God, Your Word tells us that the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Lord God, we come boldly to Your throne of grace and mercy to receive help in our time of great need. Please hear our prayers for this Baylor senior who is in the hospital suddenly. Father God, as you know, this young man is unconscious, and is not breathing on his own. He desperately needs Your healing power to take the swelling down and cause his brain to show some activity. We wait in earnest expectation... for You. Thank you, we are grateful for your continued prayers as well. 11/25/16

My freshman son is doing well, albeit a bit homesick since we live in the Northwest. He is already applying for his major and to be a CL next year, all of this while maintaining high grades and working for Baylor athletics. We are proud of him and the good choices he is making. This is why I am heartsick we may have to withdraw him from Baylor due to our financial situation. It was already a stretch to send him to Baylor since my husband was unemployed last year. But, my husband got a contract job in April, so we had a peace about going forward with sending him to Baylor. Unfortunately, my husband’s job abruptly ended in September and he is actively looking again. Please pray that my son can continue at Baylor. 11/2/16

Please pray for our son who had a sports related injury at Baylor and tore his ACL. He is now requiring surgery and we are hoping that our insurance will pay for it and we can work around his school schedule. Please pray for a successful surgery and his speedy healing. Thank you so much! 10/29/16

Pray for all seniors, that they will be well prepared for the challenges of their new life after college. Help them stay focused as they finish their studies and help them hear God's call and follow His direction in their future plans. 10/20/16

Please pray for our Baylor student who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. 10/7/16

Please pray for the family of our Baylor student who was killed in a hit and run accident. Pray specifically for Gods peace through this time of trial. 10/7/16

Please pray for the family of the Baylor students who lost their mother in car accident. 10/7/16

Please pray for Baylor University, students, faculty and staff. God's protection be over them and healing during these trials they are experiencing. 10/7/16

Please pray for the student facing financial need. 9/28/16

Please pray for a sophomore student with severe mono. He's currently in the hospital. Pray for healing and guidance about how to finish the fall semester. 9/28/16

My son is a freshman this year at Baylor. I would appreciate your prayers since he is not liking Baylor. It has been a rough transition. We live in Illinois and we were unable to attend the Parent/Family weekend. He had a recent breakup with his girlfriend who attends a different university. I am praying he will be able to connect with someone on campus to help him emotionally. He also needs help academically since he had a rough start. 9/25/16

Please pray for the Baylor student who was recently diagnosed with cancer less than 24 hours apart from her father, who was also diagnosed with cancer. This Baylor girl has three siblings at home with her parents. She is a 5th year senior, completing a bachelor/masters degree in accounting. 9/20/16

Please pray for a Baylor freshman from Memphis, TN, who just received alarming health news at the beginning of the fall semester. He will undergo a biopsy today in Waco. 9/13/16

Please pray for my daughter, who is a freshman at Baylor. That she may discover God's plan for her life and recognize His gifts He has given her to share and to grow. That her time at Baylor may be the greatest time of discovery of her faith and relationship with Our Lord. 9/12/16

Lord, thank you for the good start of college for our 2 freshman kids. We also lift up our junior. May you guide their footsteps this semester. Help them to make good friends and make good decisions. Also, help them to balance their school work with their extra curricular activities and their part-time jobs. We also ask that you send down your Holy Spirit to enkindle in them the desire to grow in their faith throughout their college years. We also lift up the faculty and administration at Baylor and pray that you will infuse them with your patience and wisdom as they strive to form our students into the young men and women you would have them be. Thank you for the Christian witness that Baylor University continues to be, and may it always be a beacon for truth, justice, and peace that surpasses all understanding. In Jesus' mighty name we pray, Amen. 9/11/16

Dear Friends, please pray for our daughters acne to go away. Her horrible acne that started in high school has followed her to Baylor. Lord Jesus please give her the gift of good friends that can see past this issue. Pray that our daughters spirits can stay positive as she deals with her on going acne. 9/9/16

Pray that my daughter meets God fearing people. 9/7/16