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1st Call to Prayer Requests And Praises

My brother-in-law has been fighting brain cancer and recently received a bad MRI and news that the cancer was spreading. This is a nasty cancer and the prognosis is not good. The doctors are only giving him 2 -4 more months to live. This is of course a very hard time for our family. I am struggling with anger over why God would allow this to impact our family, and I am so worried about how this will impact my beautiful freshman daughter who is just starting her life at Baylor. His daughter recently got engaged and we want him to be here for her wedding. We need God's healing hand. 8/24/16

Please pray for the families in the Baton Rouge area that have been affected by the recent flooding. 8/17/16

My daughter is going to be a new transfer student this next week. I would love a prayer for her to be embraced by people who are of like mind in Christ. I am in California and it is very hard for me to see her in Texas. Thank you and I will probably be sending you many requests:) Thank you for you your team and all your prayers! 8/15/16

Please pray for my daughter. She is in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. And she has isolated herself from her parents. I am praying that Baylor can be a window for us. As you have experienced a scandal in your university, due to women being abused, I ask for your prayers for my daughter. And I pray for Baylor, may God heal the hurts and provide wisdom to always seek His LIGHT and TRUE LOVE. I pray for healing, so that God can be a greater presence on your campus. I know domestic violence and sexual abuse are not easy topics for discussion, but God's love and presence is greater and will give us the strength to overcome and to help us handle these horrible situations. And I pray that through bringing out the truth, we can offer this to God, so His Light can shine, heal, comfort and offer us eternal life. Pray for my daughter's safety and salvation. And pray that God can open windows so His LIGHT can SHINE. 6/2/16

Please pray for our son to stay focused and do well on his final on Monday. His grandfather just passed away last night, May 6th. He loved his grandpa very much and he is pretty shaken up by it. It is making it hard for him to concentrate on his final. 5/7/16

Please pray for our son, a graduating senior. He plans to remain in Waco for the summer and continue his work, then return home to work and apply to grad schools. 4/29/16

My son needs prayer since his break up with his girfriend. I think he is quite depressed, and sad. Apparently he didn't have enough time for her. Thank you! 4/29/16

My daughter just transferred to Baylor this semester and has helped a friend start a new club, Christian Business Leaders (CBL). They are looking for people to join the group (they have about 12-14 members right now). Please pray for many more strong Christian students to join CBL, especially guys. They are, also, trying to make their officer list for next year. Thank you. 4/21/16

My son he is having lower back pain. He has had an MRI and they say it is muscle spasms. He is seeing a back specialist this week. Please pray for healing so that way he will be able to function for school. I am a single mom and 7 1/2 hours away. Thank you so much. He is a freshman and has really enjoyed and been blessed his first year at Baylor. May God continue to bless Baylor University and all the wonderful people involved. 4/17/16

Lord I pray for healing, encouragement, and revelation for my students. Deliver and heal them from all the religious corruption from that spirit of Saul. Pour out your love over them God and bless them. Remove all fear and doubt and graft them into the vine in Jesus name!! 4/15/16

Please pray for my freshmen son to continue to have godly friends that want to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has met some wonderful Christian friends that are going in that direction and to keep the evil one away from them. Please also pray for all the students for their safety during spring break. Please pray for (my son) and his safety driving down home for spring break Sunday afternoon and going back up. Please pray for my mom who lives with me, (my son's) only living grandparent, who is 85 and has dementia, and just this week can't walk and that she will be able to soon. Thank you. God bless you all! 3/5/16

Please pray for my Freshman son as he struggles with anger & depression. I pray that his heart, mind & spirit are healed, and that God restores his joy. I pray for patient, understanding friends to walk with him & support him during this difficult time. I ask God to give him peace so he can use his talents to help others and become the man God wants him to be. Amen 3/2/16

My son is in his second semester of grad school and is in need of a research professor. Thank you! 3/2/16

These Parents Network Chapters are praying for the following prayer concerns during the first week of March, 2016: North Texas/Frisco, Fort Bend, Nashville, Heart of Texas, Plano, Chicago, Montgomery County, Georgetown/Round Rock, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, San Francisco - Peninsula, San Francicso-East Bay-Danville, Central Texas, Louise Herrington School of Nursing, Phoenix, Denver South-Metro, Arlington, Washington DC, Southwest Dallas, San Antonio

Please lift up our son. Please pray for God to lay His healing hand on him to strengthen his body and to give him wisdom and perseverance in his classes and in his search for a summer internship. Please pray that God will continue to bless him abundantly with strong, Christ-serving friends, and that he may continue to honor the Lord in all that he does. Thank you so much for prayers. 2/26/16

We have a daughter who is a sophomore biology major. Please pray that she follows the Lord's leading in her life, stays sensative to His leading, and is a strong testimony to her friends there who don't know Christ. 2/19/16

I would like to pray for my daughter who is a freshman and seems to struggle with being at Baylor. She has not made any new friends and it's getting the best of her. She loves this school and wants to do amazing things when it's all over, but she's going to need some help first. My prayer is for her to become comfortable with other students and make new long life friends. No one wants to go through life alone and I do not want this for her either. In Jesus Name Amen! 1/25/16

Pray that my student has deeper and stronger relationship with God. He accepted God 15 months ago. Pray that he knows how to manage his time this spring semester to handle his ROTC training and academic homework. Pray that he made some good Christian friends who will walk with him. He told me during the Christmas break that he feels lonely. 1/11/16

Please pray for my son as he makes a final decision about college next fall. (He is a high school senior.) We are so proud that he was admitted to Baylor and feel that this is God's calling. Pray that his heart remains open and he seeks the wisdom of God. 1/9/16

I pray for continued success for my son as he enters his second semester. I pray that he appreciates the opportunity he has been given and that he will work hard to achieve his goals. I pray for departmental support and utilization of available resources. 1/4/16

My dad passed away yesterday. Please say an extra prayer for my family. My son is on his way home now from Baylor. 12/2/15

My 2nd year daughter was diagnosed with cancer and is now receiving some pretty strong treatments. Not only is it effecting her physically but some of the treatments are effecting her mentally as she is having a hard time studying and retaining information. She needs some strong prayer to get her through finals so she can finish this semester as strong as possible as well as getting healed to continue on with a strong life. 11/19/15

My daughter is in need of prayer. She is a freshman at Baylor and currently battling stress and anxiety. The burden of school work, lack of sleep due to noisy neighbors, issues with a suite mate have taken a toll on her health. She has had acid reflux and heart palpitations that will not go away. Anxiety over the acid reflux has now taken a toll on her. Please pray for her peace, healing and strength to trust that her Lord will get her through this. That there is a light at the end of this tunnel and when she is out she will be stronger than ever. God Bless. 11/8/15

My freshman has an eye stigma called keratoconus and he needs special contacts. We have been trying to find a doctor who can help him while he is at Baylor but no progress. Please pray we find the perfect Doctor who can help him. I also ask that you pray that this condition goes away because it is painful. Also I will fly to Houston for ct scans at MD Anderson and my son worries about the results. Please pray for him, me and our family. God has been so good to us, but it does stress everyone out. Thank you. God bless you all. 11/6/15

I have a huge prayer praise regarding my son! He had a very rough first year at Baylor and had wanted to transfer to another school. After much prayer, many tears and heated discussion, my husband and I convinced him to give it one more year. I am happy to report that he has become engaged and was recently initiated into a fraternity and he could not be more excited about his future at Baylor! To God be the glory!! 11/2/15

For our son, currently a high school senior, who is considering Baylor as his choice for college next fall....that he would seek God's guidance in his decision. 10/22/15

Please pray for my daughters: a Senior in Nursing and a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. That God may continually guide and guard them in all their endeavors, and help them succeed and make their dreams a reality. That God may give them wisdom, understanding and retentive memories as they study, and be able to apply their knowledge as they take their tests and exams in Jesus Name, Amen. Also pray for good health and divine protection for them throughout their academic years and beyond. Thank God for a successful completion of her Nursing Degree, and scheduled graduation in December. To God be the glory, honor and praise forever. 10/21/15

I miss my son so much. I haven't seen him since June. I live in Oregon. I know he is doing fine, but I would really wound like to see him. He lives off campus and has a girlfriend and a dog that are his loves now. I am trying to get to Texas for Thanksgiving, if it God's will. I was denied the time off from work but may have a chance to work around it. I pray that it all works out. Thanks for any prayers. Talking on the phone is not enough. 10/19/15

Please continue to pray for our son. He's a freshman at Baylor. We are missionaries serving in Thailand. He is our oldest and the first to leave the nest. He is thriving at Baylor, thankfully. However, the distance is keenly felt, our being on the other side of the world. Thank you for your prayers. 10/19/15

Please join me in asking the Father to sever the unhealthy ties my daughter has with a young man she has been dating for several years now. He is not a Believer and this has had a great affect on areas of her life as well as her relationship with the Lord. Please pray that we would continue to love her well and know when and what to speak, as we wait patiently for the Lord to move in her heart. 10/13/15

Request prayer for my son, a freshman at Baylor. I pray for his strength, courage, confidence in himself and his abilities. He's very easy going, but typical smart high schooler adjusting to the demands of college. But now having issues with very assertive and stubborn roommate. I am asking God for wisdom and discernment about this, and how/what we as parents should do or handle this. First step is to pray and ask God, and that is my prayer today. Asking other praying parents to petition God for us as well. Thank you for the first call! I am out of town but hope to join the group to pray on one accord for our children. God bless! 10/08/15

Please pray that my son who is a freshman at Baylor will turn his heart back toward God and reaffirm his faith in Jesus as his personal savior. Please pray that God bring the right people around him to speak truth into his life and to answer his questions about his faith, so that when he has embraced it as his own, he will have a stronger faith than ever before. 10/06/15

Please pray for my freshman daughter. She is having real doubts about why she chose Baylor, so far from home. We feel that she is not just homesick, but is also a bit depressed. She went to the counseling center, and we will see if that helps her. She was a "top dog" leader and star in high school, and now just seems to be floundering to fit in. We aren't sure she will be returning for second semester, even though Baylor's values are so very similar to her own. God bless you and your Baylor children, too. 10/06/15

Pray for [my student] to feel connected on campus and have a successful academic first semester. Praise God for the church group she is a part of and for Him to keep them surrounded by leaders and friends that encourage and lift one another up. 10/05/15

Please pray for our daughter, she is a sophomore and is an CL this year. She is struggling with the CL responsibilities as there are several freshmen on her floor having a difficult time adjusting to college, requiring much of her time. Please pray for the Lord to guide her in helping these students and also that the new freshmen adjust to college life quickly and make good decisions as they navigate through this process. 10/02/15

Please pray for my daughter's application process to P.T. school. She is a senior this year, and has had an incredible time at Baylor! Pray that God will open the doors for her to be accepted into the P.T. school best suited for her, and that she will continue to trust God for direction. Also pray for her to have strength and peace as she juggles her studies, cheer, retaking the GRE, and additional P.T. shadowing hours. 9/24/15

Please pray for our daughter, a sophomore at Baylor. Pray that she holds true to her morals and values. Pray for her safety. Please pray that she continue to see the needs of others above herself. Thank You 9/24/15

My son's friend, a Baylor student, was in a terrible accident near Houston last weekend. He is on full life support with very little brain function. Please pray for a miracle for Sam, for his salvation, and for a devastated group of family and friends. Pray that this group will look to Christ for their hope and comfort. 9/14/15

I would like to ask that you uplift and pray for both my son and daughter who are both freshmen. Please lift them up that they choose the right friends. Friends that will draw them closer to Christ not lead them or distract them away. I'm most concerned with my son. I do not have the best feelings about his roommate and suitemates and those he has befriended so far. My daughter was always actively involved in church youth group and I know she loves the Lord. My son, on the other hand, was not involved and at the last just refused to even go to church. It was one of my answered prayers when he was accepted to Baylor, because I knew he would be required to go to chapel. I also knew the environment he would be surrounded and saturated in and maybe he then would develop a personal relationship with Christ. So please lift up my son and my daughter. Thank you. 9/14/15

Lord I pray for strength in [someone special]. Help him be strong against the wiles and evils of this world in his day and age. Lord I pray that he would feel strong enough to take on anything this life has to offer him with You by his side. Give him a noble heart, a steadfast spirit and a passionate pursuit for holiness. Let him embrace his calling as a Christian leader in the 21st century and let him know the depth of influence that he has on others. Jesus, give him a fierce love for righteousness and a healthy fear of You, God. Thank you for him Jesus. I surrender my thoughts and questions, doubts and fears in regards to him. Lord, take control of his love life, I entrust it to You. Please be the King of his heart, be all his hope and dreams. I love you Jesus. Thank you for all that you are doing in his life and in that of my Future Beloved’s! Amen. 9/11/15

Please pray that we are able to come together and form a First call to Prayer group in the Rio Grande Valley as we continue to lift up all of the concerns of all of our students. I ask that God use me to participate in this group if one is already in formation. My son is a sophomore this year and I ask prayers for him as he continues to try to find his calling at Baylor. Please pray that he would not forget to call on the Lord God almightly when in doubt,or fear or anxiety, and that he and all of our students will glorify HIS name in all that they do. Amen! 9/10/15

My son is attending Baylor this fall and seems to be having difficulty adjusting to college life and being away from home. We live in Colorado. Please pray for him. Please help us know what to say to him. Please pray for him to be self disciplined and to seek the help he needs with confidence. Please pray for him to see how blessed he is to be attending Baylor. Please pray that he has clear, rational thoughts. Please pray that he works hard. He is my first of four so please pray for anything else that I am not requesting that you can think of. He is smart and can go far if he adjusts and works hard and is disciplined. Thank you. 9/09/15

I pray for my son, that he may not feel guily about what his father has told him. That he knows that I will protect him. Please watch over him this week. 09/01/15

Our daughter is beginning her first year in the nursing school and we are so thankful for the opportunity God has given her through this amazing Baylor community. We lift up her and all the Baylor students, faculty and administration as we begin another school year. We pray that they may stay close to our Lord and seek him in all things and that He would guide them according to His Will. In Jesus name we pray, Amen! 8/31/15

Please pray for all the Freshman this year that they will make a good transition to college life. Pray that they will seek God in all their endeavors and be transformed while at Baylor. Please pray for my son, a Freshman, that he will set his heart on pleasing God through his studies and his service to others. Also pray for health, safety, and most of all God's grace and peace to all of Baylor Family. 8/31/15

Pray for our son as he begins his freshman year at Baylor. This will be his first time to live in America after growing up on the mission field. He is also the first to leave the nest. The rest of the family is in Thailand where we serve as missionaries. Thank you so much for holding our family in prayer during this time of transition. 8/28/15