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Homecoming by the Numbers

A few fun facts about some of our favorite homecoming traditions

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Baylor Stadium: The Pieces Come Together

By Jeff Brown, BA '00

A near-miraculous combination of events makes a new riverfront stadium the right move at the right time for Baylor University, returning football gameday to campus, securing Baylor's place on the national stage and benefitting both the university and Central Texas.


Religion and Rhetoric

By Dr. Martin Medhurst • Illustration by Jon Reinhurt

As the November election approaches, Dr. Martin Medhurst, Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication and professor of political science, takes a look at how the language of faith has often been a part of the political campaign process for candidates from all sides.

2012-13 Baylor Meritorious Achievement Awards

Profiles by Lane Murphy, BA '04, MA '06

Baylor University and friends from all over the globe make significant contributions to society in many forms. The university's awards program acknowledges the distinctive mission of Baylor University and recognizes those who achieve success in a manner consistent with that mission. Following are the recipients for 2012-13.

Alumnus of the Year

John Eddie Williams Jr., BBA '76, JD '78

Young Alumnus of the Year

Jay Brown, BBA '95

Pro Texana Medal of Service

Philip Gunn, BBA '85

Baylor Legacy Award

Anita Jones, BA '61

Baylor Legacy Award

Ed, BBA '73, and Denise Crenshaw

Baylor Legacy Award

Paul, BBA '79, and Alejandra Foster

Baylor Legacy Award

Mark Hurd, BBA '79

Baylor Founders Medal

Drayton McLane, BBA '58

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