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On Location

Q & A with Dr. Pat Danley

Biology professor Dr. Pat Danley shares the joys and challenges of performing research half a world away from the Baylor campus at one of Africa's Great Lakes.


Honesty is the best policy

New Baylor study shows higher job performance linked to people who are more honest and humble


Building trust, digging deep

Small groups are crucial -- but not a cure-all for megachurches, Baylor researchers say


The Fine Art of Healing

Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences is venturing into new territory with an ambitious new undergraduate class called Visual Arts and Healing.


University Scholar student racks up eight conference paper presentations

By the year's end, Baylor's Stephen Margheim will have presented eight conference papers on a variety of topics at places such as Cornell and Pepperdine. Such a feat would be impressive for most tenured faculty.

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