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A Circle of Friends

In 1978, a Baylor sophomore rousted herself from bed to attend Sunday School. Although her reasons for going that morning were a little unorthodox, the friendships that resulted have been a firm foundation in her life ever since.

Date Corrections

On page 9 of the May/June issue of Baylor Magazine, two dates were printed incorrectly. The correct dates are: Ring Out, Friday, May 16, and Commencement, Saturday, May 17.

Day by Day

For a full year after her husband committed suicide, Lori Apon didn't answer the phone.

Imperative VI: Life as a Stewardship, Work as a Vocation

New programming gives students opportunities to discover, develop strengths

The NoZe Brothers 'Undressed'

Someone has to tell the emperor he has no clothes and who better to do that than the masters of "undress" - the irreverent, satirical, almost anything goes NoZe?

The River Wide

In the verdant rain forests of South America, along a stretch of the Amazon River where villagers have rarely, if ever, seen foreigners, a mission team of Baylor students traveled by riverboat to bring medical supplies and the message of God's love. They thought what they shared would change the hearts of others, but it was their own hearts that were touched most deeply.

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