Church Engagement

Baylor Church Engagement:
Engaging Church Leaders

With more than 50 centers, institutes, and departments focused on its Christian mission, Baylor University feels a deep sense of responsibility to utilize its resources to support the work of today's churches. From research centers to tools for ministry effectiveness, preaching conferences, and much more, pastors and other church leaders will find practical help for ministry needs.

A part of Baylor University's Division of Constituent Engagement, the Church Engagement initiative is working to build relationships that connect church leaders to each other and to Baylor's network of ministry resources. The Church Engagement initiative focuses on 4 key areas:

  • Coordinating access to resources that equip leaders to extend the work of the church.
  • Finding needs of church leaders for which Baylor has resources or can develop new initiatives.
  • Developing regional advisory groups to help plan and lead retreats and events that offer renewal for pastors.
  • Building relationships that provide a listening ear and a helping hand.