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Austin Lewis, BBA '05

When Austin Lewis realized that his company was downsizing, he decided it was time to reconsider his calling and career path.

Propelled by a drive for success, Austin capitalized on the common bond among the Baylor family and began networking as he contemplated where he'd serve next. "At a time with so many people without jobs, I didn't think submitting another resume would suffice."

Baylor camaraderie was the key.

Through a series of Baylor connections, Austin, who lived in Florida, found himself as a top candidate for a position at an insurance company in Texas led by a Baylor grad. Many phone calls and five interviews later, Austin landed the job and launched his new career.

"Baylor graduates have a mutual respect for other people who've gone to Baylor," Austin said. "They are usually initiative-takers, go-getters, people who want to be successful in life."

Austin now thrives as the Director of Sales for the Dallas branch of the company, working alongside another Baylor graduate who daily mentors him. With a first-hand taste of how significant networking with other Baylor alumni is to the job-search, Austin counts his relationships invaluable.

"Networking with Baylor alumni is vital because there are business owners, departments heads and human resource managers who have gone to Baylor," Austin explained. "When they get a resume affiliated with Baylor, chances are that it will be put high on the list because they know what Baylor represents."

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