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The Building Blocks of a Dream


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Rachel Glass, BBA '09

Moving to a new city with a dream to be a real estate broker, Rachel Glass was at square one. It was seasoned professionals--Baylor alums--who were her number one asset.

"At Baylor Business Network events, other alumni would talk to me about their business experiences. Then they would pass me on to another person who might be able to help," Rachel explained.

Offering connections, advice and networking strategy, these successful businessmen and women helped Rachel not only keep her head above water in a new city, but also launch her career.

And now, after only a few months of networking, Rachel's dream is a reality.

Part of the institutional capital markets team for a commercial real estate company, Rachel is learning the ins and outs of becoming a successful real estate broker.

"Having Baylor connections in Houston--a city new to me--really helped boost my confidence," Rachel reflected. "It helped to know I wasn't alone in this big city and that other people had been through this. They gave me a lot of advice about how to get into the business and survive."

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