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Rachel Glass (BBA '09)

Rachel Glass (BBA '09)

"Having Baylor connections really helped boost my confidence. They gave me a lot of advice about how to get into the business and survive."
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Cultivating business relationships is one of the most important aspects to a successful job search--and Baylor connections are unique. The Virtual Career Network offers a list of networking resources and opportunities for you to connect with fellow members of the Baylor family and expand your career prospects.

Networking Tools
Learn to leverage contacts through articles and tools covering a variety of networking topics.

Alumni Directory
Baylor's online directory for alumni and friends is a great place to start when establishing your professional network. Access the alumni directory to connect with other Baylor graduates and expand your network.

Network Events
The Baylor Network hosts networking and career specific events nationwide. Search for an event near you.

Connecting to Baylor

Would you like to find out more about Baylor and its programs? You can connect to Baylor through a variety of tools:

Social Networks
Build Relationships with other Baylor alumni through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay abreast of Baylor current events through Baylor Proud and Baylor Magazine.

The Baylor Network
Get involved with The Baylor Network by attending an event near you. Visit our website for more information.