David Bolin

Randall Bradley

Congregation Singing/Worship Matrix
David Bolin, Electronic Design Editor of the Celebrating Grace Hymnal, has for the past fifteen years been the minister of music at First Baptist Waco. A graduate of Baylor University, David received his Master of Church Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has served churches in both Hawaii and Texas. He has visited countries around the world as both a performer and educator.

Abingdon, Word, Lifeway, and Beckenhorst Press have published David's music, and he has also written numerous articles for church music journals and other publications. He co-authored with Terry York The Voice of Our Congregation (Abingdon Press, 2005) and The Worship Matrix (Celebrating Grace, 2010). Hymns by Bolin and York often appear in Christian Reflection, the journal of Baylor University’s Center for Christian Ethics, and sixteen of their hymns are published in the collection God in Time (Abingdon Press, 2005). David is the developer of the Worship Matrix, the online service planning counterpart to the Celebrating Grace Hymnal. Since coming to Waco, David has mentored students both on the undergraduate and graduate level and is a frequent guest lecturer at Baylor University.

2014 Breakout Sessions

Exploring the Worship Matrix
Discover how the Worship Matrix can help you and your worship team build a dynamic service plan. Basic matrix navigation skills, selecting content, preparing the service order, and communicating to participants are highlights of this session.
How Shall We Sing This Song?
Selecting accompaniments that fit your congregation’s voice and let it be heard in new ways.