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Come and Visit

Want to know more about who we are?

Bunk with a Bear is a great way to experience life at Baylor University while learning more about the AFROTC program.

During your visit here, you will have a chance to stay with Air Force ROTC cadets in their dorms, go to classes specific to the major you are interested in, and experience what it is like to be a cadet at Detachment 810 and a student at Baylor University.

If you're interested or have any questions, please call us at (254) 710-3513 or email us at AFROTC@baylor.edu
Home Page

What is AFROTC at Baylor?

AFROTC has been a part of the Air Force since its creation on September 18, 1947. It was only a short 10 months later, in July 1948, when the Air Force and Baylor University partnered in the creation of AFROTC Detachment 810 - one of the first Air Force ROTC detachments in the nation

In 1996 and 2003, Detachment 810 was awarded the High Flight Award recognizing us as one of the top four detachments in America, and the best in the AFROTC Southwest Region. In 2008, we were selected as the #1 large detachment in the nation!


Scholarship Opportunities

Dollar graphicScholarships are available both through Baylor and Air Force ROTC to help you achieve your dream. We are committed to educating future leaders and, to that end, generous packages are available.

Most Air Force ROTC scholarship recipients at Baylor have an $18,000 per year scholarship. In addition, Baylor offers generous merit scholarships that can be added to the Air Force ROTC scholarship. Plus, when you bring an Air Force ROTC scholarship to Baylor, you qualify for the Baylor Air Force ROTC Incentive scholarship of $3,000 per year.

When you start adding all these scholarships together, a high quality Baylor education becomes VERY affordable.

AFROTC scholarship + Baylor Merit Scholarship + Baylor AFROTC Incentive Scholarship=High Quality Baylor Education at an Affordable price.

Need more information? - Visit our scholarship page, call 254-710-3513, or email us at afrotc@baylor.edu.