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Baylor Bound - MCC

General Requirements

Most MAPs for the majors in the Baylor Bound program accommodate a 1+3 year plan, that is to say that a student would take 1 year of courses at MCC and 3 years at Baylor. However, some students may be approved by the advisor to follow a 2+2 year plan at the end of the first year, depending upon the major chosen and the number of transfer credit or credit by exam hours completed prior to enrolling in Baylor Bound.

Some may need to consider traditional transfer rather than this program depending on their planned major and/or the number of completed hours towards that major.

Some plans may need to include summer courses depending on a student's need for remediation (MCC courses), hours required in the academic program at Baylor, and the student's graduation goal.

Students will fulfill the Baylor degree requirements as listed in the catalog of the year of enrollment in the Baylor Bound program. Baylor Admission Services will make sure that the catalog term is set for the year of entry into the program.

Some MAPS may specify requirements in addition to courses.

Course selection is subject to availability within each semester.

For more specific information on general requirements, see the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog.

Changing Majors

Baylor Bound students will have the opportunity to work with the Baylor Bound Transfer Admissions Counselor to ensure compliance with the chosen degree plan. If a student changes majors, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Baylor counselor/advisor immediately.

Majors available for the Baylor Bound Program

The majors listed below are available for students in the Baylor Bound Program. Most of these majors are designed for students to take a year of course work at MCC followed by three years at Baylor, depending on the amount of course work completed prior to applying to the Baylor Bound Program. Some of these majors may allow a student two years at MCC and two more at Baylor. This option will need to be carefully reviewed by the academic advisor. A few of these majors will require strict advisor supervision to ensure the major will be able to be completed in the allotted time.

Bachelor of Arts - MCC

Bachelor of Business Administration -- This MAP is designed for all Pre-business majors. Specific majors will be discussed with an academic advisor.

Bachelor of Science - MCC

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