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Academic Advising Syllabus

University Advisement's Current Syllabus
Academic Advising Syllabus

An advising syllabus, whether used by individual advisors or by whole units, offers many benefits that can enhance the work advisors do with and for students.

An advising syllabus is a tool which allows individual advisors or offices to outline the advising relationship and experience for their advisees. Use of this tool is grounded in our understanding that advising is essential to the educational mission of our institution. Course syllabi are a regular part of every student's classroom education. However, the role of students' co-curricular experiences is not often as clearly defined even though literature indicates that student success highly correlates to activities outside of the classroom.

Creation of an advising syllabus encourages advisors to write and commit to an advising philosophy and a definition of their work. Advisees benefit from knowing how advisors define advising; parents appreciate knowing what they can and cannot expect from their child's advisor. In addition, an explicit explanation of the work of advising can be an invaluable tool to communicate with colleagues and administrators.

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