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CAS Standards

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What are the CAS Standards?

Founded in 1979, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is a consortium of over 35 professional associations. The goal of CAS is to promote standards for various aspects of the higher education endeavor that foster student learning and development, quality assurance, and professional integrity. Of significance to the profession of academic advising are the Standards and Guidelines for Academic Advising that have been developed by CAS and endorsed by the National Academic Advising Association. The current Standards and Guidelines were last updated in 2005.

How are these Standards and Guidelines used?

There are many uses but principally CAS Standards are used as a template for establishing or assessing an academic advising program on a campus or in a particular department. These standards often serve as the primary mechanism to attain acceptable standards of practice or to self assess either for self-initiated improvement or to meet requirements for various accrediting agencies. The Standards are designed for use by anyone providing academic advising on a campus, including advising delivery models that involve only faculty advising. The focus is on self-assessment rather than external assessment with the underlying assumption that those who deliver advising programs are the best ones to chart their own improvement and the ways to make such improvements.

What elements are included in the Standards?

The CAS Standards and Guidelines for Academic Advising contain the following thirteen standards: Mission and Program; Leadership, Organization, and Management; Human Resources; Financial Resources; Facilities, Technology, and Equipment; Legal Responsibilities; Equity and Access; Campus and External Relations; Diversity; Ethics; and Assessment and Evaluation. Each standard establishes the criteria that every institution of higher education is expected and able to reach with reasonable effort and diligence.

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