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List of Current Majors

What Majors Does Baylor Offer?

As you explore majors and think about the various jobs and careers that might suit you, you may find it helpful to review the list of majors and pre-professional programs currently offered by Baylor.

This list may change from one year to the next as certain programs may be discontinued and new programs and majors are developed.

Always consider talking with an academic advisor or a career counselor to discuss majors and programs and how they will relate to and prepare you for careers.

What Can I Do With a Major In....?

The College of Arts and Sciences Advisement (CASA) Office offers additional detailed information on various majors and what careers they may lead to as well as steps students can take to prepare for those careers.

The Career and Professional Development Office provides a link to a website at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington which lists a large variety of majors and the potential careers associated with each.

And don't forget to check out the "Meet the Majors" Podcasts!
Meet the Majors is a series of interviews with Baylor faculty and staff about a variety of exciting majors.

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