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Advising Tips

These are some tips that will hopefully help make your academic advising experience
the best possible....

  • Meet and get to know your advisor(s).

  • Use and become familiar with your catalog.

  • Use and become familiar with your degree audit on Bear Web.

  • Consider what major(s) you want to pursue.

  • Consider what degree you want to pursue.

  • Log into Bear Web to verify that your major is correct.

  • Know what day and time you are assigned to register for classes.

  • Set your academic advising appointment(s) early.

  • Check Bear Web before your day to register to see if there are holds on your record.

  • Check Bear Web before your day to register to make sure ALL your advising is completed.

  • Consider what classes are required for your major.

  • Think about what classes you might like or need to take next semester.

  • Review the MAPs (Major Academic Plans) to get an idea of course sequences.

  • Follow up on any suggestions or referrals your advisor may make.

  • Tell your advisor if AP or dual credit you earned is not showing up on your degree audit.

  • Do your best to arrive on time for your advising appointment(s).

  • Consider taking your catalog and any other helpful materials to your appointment.

  • Have questions ready for your advisor.

  • Tell your advisor if you plan to complete any transfer work or if you plan to study abroad.

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