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Why Get Advised?

Students Say ...
"Seeing your advisor tells you which classes to take and the easiest order to take them in."
Ashley, freshman psychology major from Austin

"Advisors help with possibilities of interest -- in life, career, and academics."
Gabrielle, senior international studies major

"I would have no idea what I was doing if I were not advised."
Eric, junior international studies major from Fort Worth

Why should I get advised? Well, you may have a major that requires advising before you can register for classes. But there are some other good reasons to be advised too. Check out our Top Ten Good Reasons to Get Advised below ...

  1. Get answers to questions about college in general.
  2. Find the right resources on campus and beyond for help with a range of important life decisions.
  3. Determine how personal goals fit with academic plans.
  4. Set academic goals -- degree, major, professional program(s), gpa, internships, study abroad and more.
  5. Get answers to questions about how classes apply to majors and degrees.
  6. Make a 4-year graduation plan.
  7. Review and interpret your degree audit.
  8. Talk about future semester plans - summer school, study abroad, internships, etc..
  9. Find out about an array of academic services available to all students at Baylor.
  10. Meet with a professional or faculty advisor who is a knowledgeable "go-to person" who can help you find answers to questions about college in general, especially Baylor.

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