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Things To Consider When Changing Your Major....

If you have not researched the major you plan to switch to, you could run into some surprises. It's a good idea to gather as much information as you can before you make any changes.

Your basic degree requirements may change (for example: foreign language, lab science, math, etc.)

Changing to a new major could mean that it will take you longer to graduate or it might possibly allow you to graduate sooner.

Depending on what major you choose, certain courses you have already completed may end up as elective credits toward the new major. It's also possible that you would end up with fewer elective credits if you changed to a different major.

You will likely be assigned to a different academic advisor and your advising requirements and instructions may be different.

Based on your interests and strengths, your new major could be much more challenging. You may end up having to work a lot harder to maintain a good GPA.

Your new major might also end up being much better suited to your current interests and strengths and you may find the curriculum less demanding. You could end up much happier with your choice and your chances of earning a good GPA would increase.

If you change to a different major you might lose scholarship funds you were receiving, but you might be eligible for different scholarships related to the new major.

A different major would possibly prepare you for different job opportunities or professional schools.

Good resources if you want to ask questions before you change your major:

University Advisement

College of Arts and Sciences Advisement (CASA)

Career & Professional Development

Faculty in academic departments

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