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Just For Advisors

All advisors, faculty or professional, as well as support personnel should find helpful, timely information here. New features will be added soon including pieces from the Advising Handbook and also training information. The Academic Advising Council invites you to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you as a participant and contributor in the advising community at Baylor.

Unified Advising System (UAS)
Information about the new Unified Advising System for all academic advisors at Baylor. Includes a link to the system.

UAS Documentation Abbreviations
A list of current appropriate abbreviations for use in advising documentation either in the Unified Advising System or elsewhere.

Online Tools
Online tools and other resources to help you in your role as an advisor.

Academic Advising Council
A brief description of the Council and some of its accomplishments. Also included is a list of current AAC members.

Academic Advising Syllabus
Information about the importance of developing and using an advising syllabus. Included is the syllabus currently used by the Academic Advisement department.

ADVISE is "Advisors Discussing Various Issues and Sharing Experiences." These programs are hosted by Academic Advisement three times each semester and are designed primarily as professional development.

Advising Handbook
This compilation of policies and procedures includes information gathered from all undergraduate academic units and programs. Bookmarks and thumbnails are also included so that navigation will be simpler.

Advisor Notes newsletters
Back issues of the Advisor Notes electronic newsletters.

Bear Web Screens For Students
A series of screen shots that allow advisors to see the same thing students see as they navigate through Bear Web.

CAS Standards
A description of the CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) Standards and a link to the entire document listing each of the standards.

Change of Major Procedures
Instructions students follow in order to change or declare a major, minor, or program.

Class Times for Summer / Fall / Spring
See the new class times that were approved beginning for the Summer 2008 terms. Students and faculty now have 15 minutes between classes.

Counseling Center Resources
A link to the Counseling Center website, which provides comprehensive information about the services provided as well as a guide for faculty and staff who may be considering referring a student.

Day of the Advisor
A description of the annual springtime event for all academic advisors and those who support the advising process at Baylor.

How To Read a Degree Audit
A step-by-step review of a typical Bachelor of Arts degree audit with detailed notes about each section.

MAP Works

Online Academic Referral System
A link to the online referral system which is available to faculty and staff. Advisors are encouraged to refer students as needed to the Paul L. Foster Success Center for academic assistance.

Planning Ahead
An annual advising schedule including approximate dates for various advising-related events and activities.

Professional Advising Departments
A list of the various professional advising departments inlcuding phone number, location, and a brief description of the students served by each.

Professional Resources
A description, including active links, of various professional organizations and resources.

Report It!
This site is designed as a one-stop location to serve the needs of the Baylor community with information, education, training, advocacy, counseling, and referral services.

Roles and Responsibilities
The roles and responsibilities of academic advisors and of students.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Secondary Majors
Information regarding the new secondary majors that have been developed.

Semester Online program

Waitlist Procedures
A description of the procedures for using the new waitlist system for classes.

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