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Undecided Major?

Many students enter college without a major. Some are undeclared from the beginning and others change majors at some point in their academic journey. You may not be sure you want to pursue your original declared field. Perhaps you need more information about the career opportunities or the range of requirements in a particular major.

There is help available through many resources for you to investigate. You must find the answers, and there is no better time to begin than now.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -- Walt Disney

Career Planning
Basic information regarding career resources on campus.

Decisions You Need to Make
Decisions a student may need to make in order to be ready to declare a major.

Degree Requirement Guides

List of Current Majors
A list of majors currently offered by Baylor. Included with each major and program is a link to additional information.

Arts & Sciences Major Information
A list of majors in the College of Arts and Sciences including a brief description and list of typical courses of each.

Major Academic Planners (MAPs)
Courses for majors and degrees shown in a suggested semester-by-semester sequence.

Meet the Majors Podcasts
Interviews with Baylor faculty and staff regarding various majors available to students.

Secondary Majors
Information regarding the new secondary majors that have been developed.

What Classes Should I Take?
General information related to selecting appropriate classes to take until a student is ready to choose a major.

What Can I Do With a Major In....?

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