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Academic Goals

Why are you here? That is certainly not an original question. The answer, though unique to each student, is centered on your academic pursuits. You need the best guides possible to help you make informed decisions. The first step is to make sure you are in the right major; not just correct on BearWeb, but will it take you in the direction that will culminate your personal and career aspirations? Next, you want to be sure to use accurate tools - catalog, degree audit, transcript. Finally, it is normal to have many questions; do not hesitate to ask for guidance. Have a successful journey!

Changing Major / Minor / Program
Instructions for declaring or changing a degree, major, minor, or pre-professional program.

Degree Audits
A description of the DARS degree audit including a list of the codes, terms, and symbols used in an audit.

Grade Point Average
Information regarding the importance of Grade Point Average including a link to the GPA Calculator.

Graduate School at BU
A link to the Baylor Graduate School website.

Major Academic Planners (MAPs)
Courses for majors and degrees in a suggested semester-by-semester sequence.

Information and frequently asked questions concerning Pre-majors.

Pre Health Care Programs
A thorough description of all the pre-healthcare programs offered at Baylor.

Pre Law Preparation
A link to a site providing a wealth of information for students who plan to apply to law school or who are considering doing so.

Probation Student Tips
The Academic Support Programs shares tips for students on academic probation.

Study Abroad
A link to the extensive details regarding the many study abroad and exchange programs Baylor offers.

Truett Theological Seminary
A link to the George W. Truett Theological Seminary website.

A comprehensive list of the tutoring offered via both Academic Support Programs and various academic departments.

Use the Catalog
An introduction to the design, purpose, and use of the Undergraduate Catalog.

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