Welcome to Baylor Academic Advising!

Whether you are the advisee or the advisor, we hope you will find this wide range of information useful as you navigate various procedures, find appropriate resources, and prepare for academic deadlines.

Who is Your Academic Advisor?
Your specific advising areas are listed for you.  Log into BearWeb at www.baylor.edu/bearweb and go to Student Academic Services, then to Advisement, and then to Advisement Contact Information to verify that your major is listed correctly, to determine if advising is required, and to find your assigned advisor(s).  Also, verify that your "educational goal" is correct - pre-med or any other prehealth field, pre-law, etc.

Is Your Major Listed Correctly?
It is very important that your major is correct so that your assigned advisor(s) will also be correct.  If you need to update your degree, major, or minor, click here:  Changing Major/Minor/Program and follow the change of major procedures.  Call University Advisement at 254-710-7280 if you need more information.  Any time you make a change to your degree, major, minor, or program, refer to BearWeb again to find your new Advisement Contact Information.

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