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Test Prep Tips

When you apply for freshman admissions at Baylor, one of the required items you'll need to submit will be SAT or ACT scores. We only require one or the other, but if you have time we recommend that you try each exam at least once to see which exam is a better fit for you. One thing to keep in mind is that when you apply to Baylor, you will need to submit at least one exam that includes the writing portion. While the writing portion is mandatory on the SAT, it is optional on the ACT, so if you select to only take the ACT you'll need to sign up for the optional writing section. As you plan ahead here are just a few tips to help you prepare for these important exams.

Set goals.

  • The median SAT score range for accepted freshman is 1140-1310 (math and critical reading), while the median ACT score range is 24-30. Don't let this information scare you. Rather, use it to set goals for the scores you're aiming for.

  • We recommend applying to Baylor and submitting your official SAT and/or ACT scores by the November 1 application deadline. Take this deadline into account as you schedule which tests to take.

  • When submitting official scores, please note Baylor's codes for the SAT and ACT:

    • SAT: 6032
    • ACT: 4062

  • Here's a bonus for you - at Baylor we superscore which means we combine subscores from tests taken on different dates. That means we will take your best Math and best Critical Reading scores from different tests when considering you for admission and academic scholarships.


Below are some tips to help you succeed as you begin to think about taking the SAT or ACT and applying to Baylor:

  • Work hard and pay attention in your classes in high school. A lot of the concepts and skills you learn in the classroom will help you on these exams.

  • Find out if your school offers an SAT or ACT prep course or find a local prep course that you could take.

  • Utilize online study resources such as the following:

Retest if necessary.

The benefit of thinking about the college process earlier than most is that you have plenty of time to retest if you'd like to improve your score. So don't get down on yourself if your score wasn't where you hoped it would be. Just form a new game plan and try again.

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