Standard Appointments

Meeting with a professor or academic unit during your campus visit is a great way to learn more about the program you're interested in studying. Many departments offer standard appointments on certain days. Plan when to visit based on this information if you would like to meet with someone in these areas.

Air Force ROTC X X X X X
Anthropology         X
Apparel Design & Product Development X X X X X
Art X   X  
Biology X     X X
Business X X X X X
Chemistry         X
Engineering & Computer Science X X X X X
Environmental Science         X
Film & Digital Media         X
First In Line Program (for first-generation college students) X       X
History X X X X X
Honors College X       X
International Studies   X X X  
Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media X        
Paul L. Foster Success Center X       X
Pre Health Programs X     X X
Pre-Law X   X   X
Pre-Nursing X       X
Psychology & Neuroscience         X
Religion         X
Social Work X   X    
Spanish X       X
Theatre X X X X X