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Types of Classifications


A freshman applicant is any student who meets one of the following:

  • has never attended college

  • has attended college prior to high school graduation (earning dual credit or advanced credit)

  • has attended college only in the summer following high school graduation


A transfer student is any student who has completed a fall or spring semester of college after high school graduation.


A Non-Degree seeking student is one who desires to enroll in classes at Baylor but does not intend to pursue a degree from Baylor. Students may desire to take classes for personal enrichment, or one of the following programs:

1. Exchange

An exchange student is one who is pursuing a degree at another school, and will be participating in one of Baylor's exchange programs. Students must write down the name of the exchange program they are participating in. If you have questions regarding this, contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

2. Study Abroad

Students desiring to participate in one of Baylor's Study Abroad Programs, but are pursuing a degree at another college/university may apply as a Non-Degree Seeking student in order to enroll in the study abroad program. Students must write down the name of the study abroad program in which they are participating. If you have questions regarding this, contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

3. Visiting Student

A visiting student is any student who is pursuing a degree at another school and is in good standing at that school according to the registrar. Transient students will not pursue a degree at Baylor, but are interested in taking courses at Baylor.

4. Advanced Studies

An Advanced Studies applicant is a superior high school student applying to either one or both summer sessions, and must meet the following requirements for admission:

  • Completion of the junior year in high school with appropriate progress toward required courses.

  • Rank within the top quarter of their high school class or have a 3.4 GPA as calculated by Baylor for schools that do not rank.

  • Score at least a 1210 on the SAT or 27 on the ACT.

  • Recommendation of high school counselor.

Post Baccalaureate

Post Baccalaureate applicants are students who have completed a degree at another college or university and are now seeking a second degree. The second degree must be a different degree with a different major from the student's first degree and major.


The Readmission classification is reserved for the following:

  • Students who enrolled provisionally but did not meet the minimum grade point average at the completion of the freshman year. Upon completion of at least 24 semester hours at another college or university and achieving a cumulative 2.5 GPA on that work, the student may apply for Readmission.

  • Students who attended Baylor as a non-degree seeking student, who now wish to pursue a degree at Baylor.

  • Former students who have not attended Baylor since 1986 will also apply for Readmission.

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