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The Religion major at Baylor is a combination of Biblical, historical and tTheological studies as well as cultural differences in religion around the world. Students are also given the opportunity to select one of five concentrations, including Bible, Theology and Ethics, History, Practical Studies or World Religions. Available courses include:

  • Law and Religion in the United States
  • Religion and Society
  • Functions of Ministry
  • Topics in Islam
  • History of the English Reformation

Baylor offers a number of study abroad programs, one in particular that is ideal for Religion, Philosophy and Great Texts majors. Baylor in St. Andrews, located at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in history and culture to study at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.

Majoring in Religion offers access to many career options. Many students continue their education by attending medical school, seminary, or graduate school. Most enter careers such as teaching, medicine, law, business, politics, publishing, writing, and social service.

As a service to students interested in ministry, Baylor designed the Ministry Guidance Program to clarify and affirm the call to ministry and to introduce students to ministry as a vocation. The primary emphasis of the Ministry Guidance Program is academic studies that are related to the practice of ministry, hands-on experience in local settings, and fellowship with other individuals who are preparing for vocational Christian service.

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