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Recreation and Leisure Services

The Recreation and Leisure Services major is available for students wishing to work in a variety of outdoor and recreation-related fields. Though the program offers outdoor and church recreation tracks, the general RLS degree provides the foundation for almost any recreation and leisure service field. Available courses include:

  • Camp Counseling
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities
  • Leisure Service Management
  • Leisure and Lifestyle Well-being
  • Research Methods

All RLS majors are required to complete a full-time work placement internship with a leisure service agency involving application of major courses in day-to-day operations and a project mutually agreed upon by the instructor and agency. Students graduating with an RLS degree can expect to find occupational opportunities in municipal recreation, churches, industrial and corporate recreation, private club recreation, military recreation, shipboard recreation, youth serving agencies, camps, and many others.

International experiences are available to candidates in the School of Education in order to assist them in the understanding of and participation in a global society. The programs are offered in England, Australia, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, and vary from four weeks to a full year, depending on the preference and needs of the students. For more information about the opportunities within the School of Education, visit the International Opportunities website.

Baylor offers an Outdoor Adventure Living-Learning Center, well-suited for Recreation and Leisure Services majors. LLC's are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together in living and learning environments.

For more information: Recreation and Leisure Services

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