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The Neuroscience major is the study of the nervous system with an emphasis on the human brain and areas of human thought, emotion and behavior. As a multidisciplinary field, neuroscience draws from biology, psychology, chemistry and other areas to develop a thorough understanding of the nervous system and related disorders. Available courses include:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Clinical Neuroscience
  • Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Learning and Behavior
  • Special Topics in Neuroscience

Students are given the opportunity to work closely with professors in and out of the classroom. Field studies and individual research projects are built into the program, providing a well-rounded foundation. Most graduates of the Neuroscience program continue their studies and research through graduate or medical school. Others focus on the research aspect of the science and work in medical or neuroscience labs.

Baylor University offers several Living-Learning Centers, which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together in living and learning environments. Baylor offers a Science and Health Living-Learning Center where students with common interest in pursuing a career in medicine and the sciences will be able to collaborate with each other as well as science faculty and medical researchers.

For more information: Neuroscience

Students in this program begin as a pre-major. Learn more about pre-majors.

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