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Required Curriculum Approval Form

In evaluating applicants, we try to make sure each student is academically ready for the general college classroom. To do this, we measure applicants based on the ACT or SAT College Readiness Benchmarks. We additionally review an applicant's readiness for the rigors of a Baylor education and their fit with Baylor's mission.

Students can meet this requirement by submitting SAT/ACT scores at the appropriate level or with a Texas public school transcript that indicates they will graduate under the Recommended High School Program or the Distinguished Achievement Program (also known as the Advanced High School Program).

If a student does not satisfy the requirement with test scores or a transcript, the student is asked to submit contact information for a high school guidance counselor or other school official who can complete the Required Curriculum Approval Form on the student's behalf. We will then email this person the link to an online form that should take less than 5 minutes to complete. This form allows the school official to explain the student's academic progress so we can determine if it satisfies our requirements. Until the form is completed, the student's application will not be reviewed so we encourage officials to complete it as soon as possible.

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