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General Admissions Update

Send us your electronic transcripts!

Electronic transcripts are received and processed in 3-5 days versus 2-3 weeks for paper transcripts. They can also be tracked online to verify delivery, and test scores or other documents can be included as attachments. It's a win-win for you and your students!

Texas Schools
Baylor accepts electronic transcripts via TREx. Contact Lana Waden for more information.

Out-of-State Schools
Baylor accepts Naviance and Docufide transcripts. The Docufide service is free for schools, so take a look at their website to learn more!

2014-2015 Deadlines and Notifications

Freshmen application deadlines are November 1 (Early Action and Single Choice Early Action) and February 1 (Regular Admission). Please encourage your students to apply early as the majority of the freshmen class is selected from students who meet the November 1 deadline. Students will be notified of their admission decision by December 1 (SCEA), January 15 (EA) or March 15 (RA), respectively, at the latest. These deadlines are not binding so we encourage all students to apply as soon as possible as this allows us time to work with your students on their application files.

Event Changes

Several of our special visit events have undergone changes to the way students are selected to attend. Be sure to read the web pages for Invitation to Excellence and Baylor2 Interview Days to stay up to date on details.
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