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Transfer Credit Policies

It is the student's responsibility to review and follow the policies and general information below. If the student fails to abide by these policies, the student risks losing the credit when an audit of the degree plan occurs.

General Policies

To receive a Baylor degree, at least 60 hours must be earned in residence at Baylor � including the last 30.

A grade of �C� or better must be earned in all courses transferred to Baylor. This work does not alter the GPA. Courses taken pass/fail will not be eligible for transfer.

All coursework taken at another college is evaluated for equivalent transfer credits, not for degree requirements.

  • Some Texas colleges and universities participate in the Texas Common Course Numbering system (TCCNS). These courses are referenced in the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog.
  • To determine if the equivalent course applies to a specific degree requirement, refer to the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog or to the appropriate college or school. This is the student�s responsibility.
After matriculation, a student may transfer a maximum of 15 semester hours to Baylor. If the Admissions Committee requires more than 15 hours for readmission to Baylor, the transfer of any of these additional hours for degree credit may be limited by individual Baylor colleges/schools. In such cases, seek further information from the school or college.

In summer school, a student may earn credit for two courses in six weeks or four courses in twelve weeks (not to exceed a total of 14 semester hours).

Does not apply to the last 30 hours of degree requirements

  • Exceptions to general or major residence requirements will not be approved

Transferring Courses from a Junior or Community College

  • A maximum of 70 semester hours may be transferred from a junior or community college.
  • Baylor does not accept transfer of junior/community college coursework at or above the �3000� level.
  • No junior or community college course will be evaluated as an advanced course.

Course-Specific Guidelines

  • Business students cannot take courses in their major at another institution.
  • Elementary science and modern foreign language courses without laboratory will not be accepted for transfer.
  • Political Science 2302 may not be transferred from another school after the student has earned hours at Baylor.
  • If a student earns credit for as many as two of the four required English courses before registering at Baylor, we recommend that the remaining English credit be earned in residence.

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