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Undergraduate Costs At A Glance

Please note: as a private institution, Baylor University's costs are the same for in-state students as they are for out-of-state students.

Undergraduate Costs for 2014-2015

Tuition* $34,480
Required Fees $3,840
Room and Board** $10,708
Total (fall and spring)*** $49,028


* Baylor charges tuition at a flat rate of $34,480 per academic year (fall and spring) for students taking 12 hours or more per semester.

** The cost listed above is an average figure for all residence halls and includes the 11 meal plan. Less costly housing and other meal plans are available.

*** The total cost does not include the following (estimated annual costs in brackets): books and supplies [$1,250], transportation and personal expenditures [$3,882].

International Baylor students may have different travel costs and in addition must be prepared to cover health insurance.

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