The Allbritton Art Institute, with its focus on the artists and art movements of the 19th and 20th century, is a remarkable component of an outstanding art history program within Baylor University's Department of Art. The Institute's gifted faculty are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and meaningful educational experience in classes that are structured to insure personal attention and engage students in a multifaceted approach to subject matter. Presentations by prominent visiting lecturers and the opportunity to view original works by masters of this era extend student interaction with course content and enhance their ability to connect this body of knowledge with life in the 21st century.

The professional opportunities for students of art history are numerous. Art historians are in demand for teaching, publishing, museum and gallery work, and in related careers as conservators, preparators, commentators, and corporate art consultants. Students are encouraged to investigate these and other specialized career paths or prepare for advanced study at the graduate level.

The Allbritton Art Institute is committed to educational excellence and equipping its students with the tools needed for a life well-lived. Welcome!

Paul A. McCoy, Director
Allbritton Art Institute


Allbritton Art Institute