After searching this page, if you still have a question that was not answered here, please send an email to trax@baylor.edu or contact TRAX Support at x8704 When I try to Budget Check the voucher, the "Budget Checking" option does not appear in the "Action" drop down list.

There are several possible issues: 1) Make sure you have saved your voucher. If your Voucher ID is "Next" then click the Save Button. 2) Make sure the Voucher has not already passed budget check. Review the Budget Checking Status on the Voucher Summary page or directly above the comments. Vouchers are automatically budget checked about once an hour by the Accounts Payable office. 3) If the problem persists after verifying steps 1 and 2, contact TRAX Support at TRAX@baylor.edu. There is a possibility your user ID needs to have process groups added in order to process vouchers.