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Kristen Rose Tecson


Colleyville, TX


  • B.S., Statistics, Baylor University, 2010


  • Graduate Assistant, Department of Institutional Research and Testing, Baylor University

Research Interest(s):

Survey research, clinical trials, predictive modeling

Describe Baylor in One Word:


Why Statistics?

I chose statistics because I did well in, and enjoyed the AP class in high school. I found it to incorporate both my math and english skills. While in my undergraduate statistics courses, I quickly realized that statistics has a lot of real life applications, and great job opportunities.

Why Baylor?

I came to Baylor because of its Christian values, high academic standards, and location in relation to my family.

Unique Aspects:

The program is so small that it makes it easy to get the help you need from professors.


The professors here are great. They go out of their way to make themselves available.

Baylor Community:

The community is great because it is small enough that you are able to make strong friendships, but big enough so that you are always able to be entertained.

Recommend Program?

Yes- honestly, it doesn't make sense not to. The students literally get paid to further their education.