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Research Beyond the Classroom and Resources

Below are general descriptions of resources.

For specific information on a specific faculty member's research, please go to the departmental directory link on the left-hand side and click on that individual's name or personal web page.

Useful links to websites on statistical research, scholarship, and analysis, technical writing, consulting centers, SAS, and S-Plus & R

Statistical Research Advice
Article by Michael Hamada and Randy Sitter entitled "Statistical Research: Some Advice for Beginners". The article is a pdf file.

Careers and Jobs
Online resources to help students finding job prospects in the areas of science, economics, health care, engineering, marketing and sports.

Student Resources
List of useful resources for graduate and undergraduate students.

Statistics Tutoring Lab
The Department of Statistical Science offers free tutoring to Baylor students. The Statistics Tutoring Lab is located in either MMSCI GL50 or GL51 and is open from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The Statistics Tutoring Lab is closed during the Summer Terms and open during the Fall and Spring Terms.