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NRC ranks sociolgoy
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PJ Media: Three in Ten Secularists Fear Conservative Christians Are a Threat to Their Physical Safety
Sept. 17, 2017
Article about the latest findings from the Baylor Religion Survey, including data that found that three in 10 non-religious people fear conservative Christians as a threat to their physical safety, while Evangelicals viewed Muslims and atheists as such a threat. Even without the threat of physical danger, the survey found that Americans often saw members of other religions as hostile or inferior to themselves.

Cantech Letter (Canada): New study says you can find anything online, except for God
Sept. 18, 2017
New research by Baylor University scholars finds that most Americans don’t use the Internet to find or share religious or spiritual content, and most don’t see technology and the internet as threats to their faith. The finding is part of the latest wave of the Baylor Religion Survey, which polled 1,501 adults nationwide. Quoted is Baylor sociologist Paul McClure, co-author of the report on the internet and faith.

USA Today: Baylor survey: Trump voters say they're very religious, think Muslims are a threat to U.S.
Sept. 7, 2017
Americans who voted for President Trump are often very religious, believe in God and hold traditional views about gender, according to the latest wave of Baylor Religion Survey, presented in Nashville Thursday at the national annual conference of Religion Newswriters Association. The survey also found that Trump supporters are more likely than other voters to see Muslims as threats to America and to view the country as a Christian one. Presenting the report were Paul Froese, Ph.D., survey director and professor of sociology; Jerry Park, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology; and Lindsay Wilkinson, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology.

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